Agallah Don Bishop

Agnum Opus

(The Order Label)

Release date: Jul 14, 2017

Agallah Don Bishop is one of Brownsville, Brooklyn's greatest MCs and producers, paving a way for socially impactful and sonically dynamic hip-hop over the last 25 years. Outside of his extensive number of solo and group records, his success has been achieved through the lens of collaborative work, including Onyx, EPMD, Big Pun, M.O.P., Das EFX, Busta Rhymes, and many other legends. The '90s saw a burst of creativity and unparalleled artistry that kept the rawness of the era uncompromised, and

Agallah was one of the torch bearers in this phase, asserting his craft into a unique plane of artistic ascension. He's constantly on the grind while enjoying the fruits of past labors, and his most progressive and accomplished album is now approaching release. Scheduled to drop the new LP Agnum Opus on July 14, 2017, this is his greatest achievement and continues his acceleration as a decade-defining artist built on the culture of independence.

Agnum Opus is a futuristic projection from the heart of New York and the other locations around the globe Agallah Don Bishop has made his presence known. This summation can be felt deeply on the album's pensive workout, "Wolves of Now Why," bringing along New York hip-hop veterans Milano and Lord Tariq. With Agallah Don Bishop from Brooklyn, Milano from Manhattan, and Lord Tariq from the Bronx, a canvassed history of creative growth in the birthing zone of hip-hop is represented, igniting the essence of their roots with intense deliveries and a speaker shattering beat.

The album's lead single, "Who's The Man," has the slickest groove you'll hear all summer, connecting the formidable region of New York's underbelly and the open vibe of the west coast. A bridge between the origins of hip-hop and the paths walked in this era. Every track pours with metaphors and unique rhymes schemes, laced with beats that come from Agallah Don Bishop's cache of organized sounds. Both producer and lyricist, he builds every track as a personal atonement to each side of the sonic and verbal spectrum.

Agallah Don Bishop is an enigma that channels the raw and uncompromising essence of his upbringing with the artistry of the most eclectic souls in the history of the rap game. This was given its jump start on the solo LP Wrap Your Lips Around This (Atlantic Recording Group / Eastwest Records, 1995), producing a body of work that is still arguably ahead of its time. Jump forward over twenty years from his debut and Agallah Don Bishop has aligned with the west coast hip hop imprint The Order Label for the release of new music in his ever growing catalog. His new work was created in a dual sense of summation and evolution, building connected roads to the past, present, and future.

Agnum Opus is a summation of the contributions Agallah Don Bishop's blessed the world of hip-hop with, tying in his Brownsville origins through the '80s and '90s, and every chapter since. Agnum Opus will be pressed on CD formats and will be extended with a limited edition lathe cut 7" vinyl pressing.

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