(Alpha Pup Records)

Release date: Aug 28, 2007

The Aftewords Triology contains collections of rare and unreleased material by the talented LA producer Omid. Afterwords1, released on cassette, started it all. Afterwords2 progressed to CD-R, while Afterwords3 continues the advancement in technology as a digital download release. Blending sounds from Iran and the Middle East with hip hop, jazz, funk, and rock, these eclectic instrumentals create another classic beat tape.

Track Listing

  1. 1. Fresh Communication
  2. 2. The Lakes of Turku
  3. 3. Mutiny
  4. 4. Chemical Wedding
  5. 5. Aquarium Song
  6. 6. Del Cerro Park
  7. 7. Electric Children
  8. 8. Warsaw's Tablaw
  9. 9. Beat from My Mouth
  10. 10. Minors into Fire Beat
  11. 11. Needle Skipping Beat
  12. 12. Fading Rhythms Beat

Produced by Omid