One Cell Records began in May of 2003 with the hope that good, important music will not fall through the cracks in the public consciousness, nor into the parasitic clutches of the Music Industry oligopoly. We are but a single voice among a chorus of others that seek to shatter the bond that uncaring, opportunistic mainstream corporations have "nurtured" with the youth of America. It's not that we condemn the idea of an institution seeking to build a relationship with the young and impressionable, but any institution that seeks to define popular culture as anything less than the highest of what is possible, for kids to consume in the most lackadaisical fashion institutions, like our contemporary pop- media, should be utterly destroyed. Not out of spite or resentment, but out of a practical need for whatever can be accomplished by it.

Which, actually, might not be much. Honestly, we know it's kind of a lofty vision. We will probably never see an upheaval quite like the one we imagine, and even if there could be some kind of huge change in the status quo, there are already others working to that end right now fervently and at larger scales. We hope. So it's not like we're operating under any delusions of grandeur, here. We understand fully our place in the grand scheme of things, and yes, it's tiny and cramped.

In the fight against the Giant, we are not David, or even the sling, but maybe we can be the guy who brings the ROCK.And fuck it, in the end, the rock is all that really matters, anyway.

The reason we enlisted in this struggle in the first place was because of the passion we felt for the music that we love, and the way it made us dream about bigger places than our tiny little cell in the grand scheme of things . We know we are not being presumptuous for thinking people wouldn't mind being exposed to shit that challenges them and makes them feel intense and powerful. Not that they're not already, but the world can always use another record label like us (until DIY becomes the industry standard), and it can definitely use another band like Piano Drag, The Sess, or Nine Days Wonder.

Such passion can definitely be contagious. That's what we're banking on.We're hoping that once someone actually listens, experiences the music we seek to put out, and feels the energy it evokes and invokes, they will be as moved as we were, enough to want to share it with their friends, lovers, relatives ...It would make our job easier. It' would support the cause.