Nonsense Records was started in 2004 with an idea of presenting to the world a musical representation of the unheard masses. They were tired of watching their voice be muffled by a mutated monster created by the music industry. The founding members of Nonsense Records were Kelly Shockley and Hao Do. With a shared vision of creating good music that was not dictated by a room full of "suits" that knew nothing about hip-hop and a true sense of community, the team of two started their own record label. They formed a roster that consisted of artists that took structure and threw it out of the window. Nonsense Records was unquestionably not a place of limited artistry. The only thing that was requested was that the artists be here for the music and the music only.

In the spring of 2005, Nonsense Records would soon become the talk of the town. Sol.illaquists of Sound, alumni of Nonsense, would make their national debut on tour with one of underground hip hop's princes, Sage Francis. The "A Healthy Distrust" Tour opened a wide door for Nonsense Records allowing them to begin a journey that would surely require busting their butts to make things happen. But with every start of an adventure there is an unfortunate end to the old, and so due to creative differences, part founder Hao Do decided to separate himself from Nonsense Records.

One thing everyone knows in the music industry is that when someone opens a door for you, you should try to usher as many folks as you can through it. After Sol.illaquists' second tour with Sage Francis and the 2006 launch of the second installment of the Community Service compilation, Nonsense Records found itself holding more than just a foot in the door to get the word out to the public. They used a roster full of the strongest, most brilliant and innovative musicians to knock it down. Nonsense Records continues with the mission of being a label committed to the artists and the aficionado. There will be no glittery distractions shrink wrapped and sold with the idea of platinum pipe dreams, only the promise to remain true to hip- hop by remaining true to ourselves, our community and our culture.

In early 2006 Veronica Smith a.k.a. Mama A.Free.Ka. was brought on board as a Nonsense owner/partner to spearhead the artist development. Veronica has played an essential role in Nonsense's development and stability throughout it's birth and has been a serious support structure. She was already handling most of the administration anyway. You might as well pay the woman. She continues to be a solid structure for this community and has provided a great role model for our youth. We pride ourselves on having her as a part of the team.

Nonsense survived the early hurdles to grow into the full-fledged indie hip hop label it is today.