What does the term "Alpha Pup" mean?

Market research jargon for the kid who is deemed by his or her peers to be the "coolest" in their school, neighborhood, or town.

What's the story behind Alpha Pup Records?

Now based in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, Alpha Pup Records was originally conceived in February 2004 by Grammy-nomiated engineer Daddy Kev and his business manager (now wife) Danyell Jariel as a licensing entity for Kev's back catalog. To learn more about our history, visit the About Us page.

What is Alpha Pup Digital Distribution?

Shortly after launching the label side of Alpha Pup, we began making our music available on digital services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and so on. Our ability to promote and market records in the digital space became so effective that other labels began to inquire about Alpha Pup distributing their titles in the digital realm. We obliged, and now have a roster of over 80 indie labels in our digital distribution network.

Who distributes Alpha Pup physical product?

Our vinyl is distributed worldwide by Rush Hour. Alpha Pup CDs are exclusively distributed in North America by NAIL Distribution. In Japan, we are engaged in an exclusive marketing deal with Corde, distributed by Ultra-Vybe. FYI, we no longer set up direct accounts with stores -- please contact one of our distributors.

Does Alpha Pup Records have an internship program?

Yes. We prefer to hire interns who can receive college credit (because it's an unpaid position) but we'll accept a resume from anyone with good taste in music. For the internship, you must live in Los Angeles and have reliable transportation. Please send resumes to [email protected]

How do I book an Alpha Pup artist?

We are not a booking agency, so we do not handle booking requests for Alpha Pup artists. The good news is that many of our artists are signed to pro agencies like Windish and Panache. Please visit the official artist web site or MySpace profile for booking contact information.

Who handles press for Alpha Pup?

At any given time there are multiple publicists working on Alpha Pup endeavors. Our primary press liaisons are Erik Otis, Shilo Urban, and Danyell Jariel.

Who do I contact about using Alpha Pup music in a film, television program, or advertisement?

You can send any requests for licensing to Daddy Kev.

Does Alpha Pup accept demos?

You are always welcome to send us demos, but please don't be offended if you don't hear back from us. We get a lot of demos. Either send a package to our P.O. box (listed on the Contact Us page) or email [email protected]

What if my question was not answered here?

If you've read through this whole list, and we haven't answered your question, please email us at [email protected]

Is Alpha Pup hiring?

At this time we have no openings.

For old time's sake, is there a way to access the vintage Alpha Pup site?

With archived news items going all the way back to 2005, as well as a bunch of other goodies (Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge podcasts, Alpha Pup wallpapers, etc.) we decided to keep the pages alive. Click here to visit our old site, circa 05-09.