Year Future

Year Future was founded in early 2003 in Los Angeles. Originally comprised of vocalist Sonny Kay, guitarist Rockey Crane, bassist Sam Ott and drummer Jim Andersen, the band's lineup consisted of Pete Lyman (replacing Ott) and Chris Hathwell (replacing Andersen) by the time they recorded their debut album in late 2005.

In December 2003, the band issued their debut self-titled EP on GSL and in August 2004 played a brief string of shows across the U.S. before embarking on a 6-week European tour which took them as far and wide as Spain, Hungary, Norway and the UK. The follow-up EP, The Hidden Hand, was released on GSL in September 2004. In early 2005 they contributed a cover of the Birthday Party track "Blundertown" to the Three One G Records compilation Release the Bats. The long-delayed Year Future album, First World Fever, was recorded in 2005, featuring the ammended lineup. Coalition Records (Netherlands) released a vinyl-only EP entitled Strictly Ampersands to coincide with a tour of Europe with 400 Blowsand The Locust in winter 2006, as well as an appearance at All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK. The band toured the U.S. in May/June 2006 (with Paul Christensen of Qui on drums) and then promptly went on indefinite hiatus. Crane, meanwhile, joined the San Diego-based Some Girls in late 2006.

Year Future - A noise-oriented punk band with some artsy experimental tendencies,with influences ranging from Fugazi and early Sonic Youth to Public Image Ltd. and Dead Can Dance.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records