Xololanxinxo (pronounced Cholo-lan-cinco), born Daniel Rodriguez, represents a unique breed of Xicano lyricist stemming from the roots of Los Angeles underground hip hop. In 1991, Xinxo teamed up with emcee 2Mex to launch the progressive hip hop group Of Mexican Descent. Soon after their conception, OMD became an integral part of the Los Angeles underground hip hop movement based around the groundbreaking Goodlife Cafe that spawned innovators and hit makers such as The Freestyle Fellowship, The Pharcyde, Skee-Lo, and Jurassic 5.

Since his initial forays into music, Xinxo has ventured into the solo arena with releases that include Tapes from a Stolen Car: The Victim, Marketing the Monsters, People Kill the Person, and Names. Today, Xinxo continues to create innovative and provocative music with a band called All The Dead Cholos, that he created with psychedelic fusion musicians Anonymous Inc., and multi-instrumentalists.

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Xololanxinxo - The innovative and provocative Xicano lyricist
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