X:144 and SPS

X:144 and SPS embodies nothing more than true deconstructive invention. Hand over the turntables and microphone and they will show you how to use the instruments of truth properly. Masterminds of their generation, they combine skill and prime lyrical form to create a sound like no other. In their separate unions they were giants in the underground of Orlando's music scene. X:144 and SPS soon joined together in 2005 to mark a milestone in underground hip hop. Now the duo has become a colossal entity tearing up stages charts and battlegrounds. With their release of M.E. in 2006 these two men have been busy to make sure everyone is touched by the sounds of vinyl tipping scratches and head bobbing lyrics. X:144 and SPS have performed with Mr. Lif, J-Live, The Procussions, Strange Fruit Project, Sol.illaquists of Sound and countless others. They also come fully equipped with battle titles from Lounge Battles 5 Producer of the Year and 2007 Scribble Jam Producer Champion title for X:144 to the 2006 Universal Zulu Nation Supremacy Champion for DJ SPS. This energetic duo combines wit, musicianship and old school hip hop values that create balance in a world where the ever expanding unsteadiness of commercial rap has infiltrated.

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X:144 and SPS - Wit, musicianship, and old school hip hop values ...
Photo: Alpha Pup Records