The Sess

Wild in the streets. Erratic and unprofessional. Jaded and enthusiastic rantings of a menace to pop culture. Anti-plastic. Wild sounds. Maximum resistance. Hardcore Noise and Soul.

Sess drummer Andrew Montoya grew up in a house where both of his parents were musicians, as were their brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers (singers, guitarists, bassists, and his mom played tambourine). Guitarist Jeremy Rojas's mom learned to play acoustic guitar to accompany her pastor husband's sermons.

Members began by playing in Riverside punk groups. Rojas was previously in Verbal Kent, with his brother Yonny, as well as playing in As I Lay Dying for a short while. Joining up with brothers Sam (singer/guitarist) and Mark (bass) Rivera, Rojas and drummer Andrew Montoya became the Sess in 2004. After a move to San Diego, keyboardist Aldo Bustof joined the group.

Their 2008 debut CD Agendumb was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2008 San Diego Music Awards.

The Sess - The Sess'  (pronounced
Photo: Alpha Pup Records