The Prime

Luckyiam (co-founder of the Living Legends crew) and Sapient (of the Portland Hip Hop collective Sandpeople) have collaborated minds and talents to create a super-group destined to mash on the industry and all music on Earth as a whole. The Prime is a perfect description of what these two emcees have achieved with this alliance!

Whether he's one of the rowdy voices in his 10-man crew Sandpeople, the "not tall guy" in the duo Debaser, or just a standout solo artist, Sapient has been steadily dropping independent albums out of the NW since early 2004. His whole life, Sapient has been fascinated with words and surrounded by a musical family, now 25 years old; you can hear the result in his music. In addition to his prestige as an emcee, Sapient as a producer is quickly becoming a household name among fans and artists across the world. A true renaissance man, he often composes his beats by playing many instruments including piano, keyboard, drums, guitar, bass or whatever else he feels like. Oh yeah, did I mention he sings too?

Luckyiam is an indie music veteran & one of the best "almost famous" rappers in the world. From humble beginnings in the L.A. underground scene, he learned by watching The Heavyweights at The Goodlife Cafe. Later he traveled north to Oakland and cultivated the bay area independent scene as a member of the Mystik Journeymen who toured the world. In 1997 Luckyiam co-founded the infamous Living Legends crew, which has now grown to be arguably the most respected crew in independent Hip Hop. Luckyiam has a grassroots "cult-like" following, which is steadily growing as he constantly tours and performs at festivals (Coachella, Rock the Bells, Paid Dues). Hundreds of venues and 14 countries across the globe are familiar with the sound, and face of Luckyiam.

Now after several tours together being billed separately, Lucky and Sape have joined forces to smash on this industry!

The Prime - Style, substance, beats and grind=The Prime
Photo: Alpha Pup Records

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