Tender Buttons

Tender Buttons is the alter-ego of Zack and K8 Wentz of the San Diego band Kill Me Tomorrow, and have been kicking around since 2002. The name Tender Buttons was borrowed from a book of experimental prose/poetry written by Gertrude Stein almost 100 years ago (some have speculated that she was referring to *nipples* with that particular phrase.)

Intending to chart a more bombastic path than KMT's, TENDER BUTTONS arrive at a sort of cabaret-esque electronic sound, in their own words a "fractured, neo-industrial, polyrhythmic" concoction, referencing "classic song structures from the era of Tin Pan Alley, early jazz, vintage samba, and hits from the height of the mambo craze". The band's live shows land somewhere between performance art and a drunken house party, typically drawing audience members into the act.

They've released eps on Deathbomb Arc, and Pacific Rock. Their debut full length, Hot Abductions was released via Gold Standard Laboratories in 2007. Tender Buttons is currently on hiatus, as Mr. Wentz is busy with his bands The Dabbers, and Kill Me Tomorrow.

Tender Buttons - A fractured, neo-industrial, polyrhythmic concoction...
Photo: Alpha Pup Records