West Side Artgoon Craigslist Killer.

Be careful what you say around SPEAK!. It will most likely become fodder for ridicule in his next verses, which are famed for their jagged, crystalline clarity and infectious bounce. Don't let the wacky exterior fool you. SPEAK! speaks the truth that hurts, twists the knife in, and in the end you can't hate him for it. Everything is fair game and no one is safe in SPEAK!'s world including SPEAK!, who saves some of his most biting and poignant criticism for himself. This solemn commitment to truth comes coupled with an insouciant refusal to take himself, or anything for that matter, too seriously. A self-proclaimed "rockstar of rap, in a 70's rock god sorta way", SPEAK! is Jim Morrison, Hunter Thompson, and Jim Belushi rolled into "a blunt filled with daffodils" smoked by a hippie in a VW bus on the 405. Did we mention he has the most fantastically beautiful hair in rap music today?

Born in LA, raised in the Inland Empire, 27-year-old Anthony Negrete has been rapping since the age of thirteen. Four years later he would be out on his own where he "had to grow up fast." He since that time has developed a rep in the LA freestyle rap battle scene the size of Jamaica and forged relationships with LA's foremost rap voices, including Low End Theory founder and Leimert Park freestyle legend Nocando. His slick delivery, witty quips, and absurdist imagery have helped him carve out a niche as LA's resident gonzo rap satirist, and has piqued the interest of the scene's elite (Kreayshawn, The Internet, No Doubt, Space Ghost Purp, and Ron Artest, to name a few). 2011 saw the release of his debut LP, Inside-Out Boy, met with critical acclaim, which grabbed our attention here at Alpha Pup. And now in 2013 we are proud to announce the inclusion of this West Side wild man to our roster. Get a helmet.

Speak! - Rapper and Ridiculer
Photo: Alpha Pup Records