Spanky Wilson

Spanky was born in Philly, moved to LA, and then settled in Paris. Since she burst onto the scene in the late 60s, Spanky Wilson has in addition to several of her own recordings, she's recorded with the likes of Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr., Lalo Schifrin, Jimmy Smith and Willie Bobo. She's toured the world and played several jazz festivals. The list of musicians she's performed with is exhaustive but includes The Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Spanky Wilson is an extraordinary Jazz singer with a unique voice, in terms of swinging, bluesy, tender or warm, with an impeccable diction and phrasing. Her first influences were Dinah Washington, Nat King Cole and Louis Jordan, then later Eddie Jefferson who taught her how to scat.

Spanky sings with a constant feeling, with emotion and sensitivity. Moreover, every one of her interpretations is a reflection of her song personality. Her uncontested charisma, her class, her charm and her sense of humor are many qualities that enhance her strong presence on stage. The cohesiveness of her group has been applauded by many of the greatest names of Jazz.

Spanky Wilson - Constant feeling, emotion, and sensitivity...
Photo: Alpha Pup Records