Solillaquists of Sound

The Solillaquists created their own genre, FAHEEM (funk/astro/hip-hop/extraterrestrially energized message), which they felt more accurately conveyed both their music and their greater beliefs regarding spirituality, life, and love. It would be an understatement to call the Solillaquists of Sound a mere Hip-Hop Band. Their message and ambitious fusion of varied stylistic genres continue to reinvent the perceptions and experience of music as a whole.

Discovered by firebrand rapper Sage Francis, the Solillaquists' combustible live presence prompted the world renowned MC to take them along on two global tours. The group consists of four dynamic individuals: machine-gunning MC and vocal polyrhythmatician Swamburger, the vibrant, harmonic, soulful vocals of Alexandrah's Alexandrah, the spoken word contemplation of Tonya Combs,, and the fervent virtuosity of MPC (Midi Production Center) whiz DiViNCi. As they are each talented, focused and motivated enough to hold their own, they prove to be an undeniably ruthless force when working together. Backed by a powerful message of self-awareness, the Solillaquists combine rapid-fire lyricism, jazz-tinged vocals, insightful poetry, and innovative live electronic performance. Its not a rare occurrence for members of the audience as well as the band to be brought to tears by the level of truth and energy put forth in any one Solillaquists performance.

Fusing brutally honest messages with a multi-dimensional sound, built with irrepressible positivity, chest-filling spirit, and body-throbbing rhythm, like public service announcements with spit. S.O.S. focuses in on specific issues, including cultural revolution, ethnic alcoholism, and personal wellness.

A thinking person's brand of the genre; imagine Digable Planets or The Fugees with greater dynamics and a bigger chip on their shoulders. Solillaquists of Sound look to change the world one listener at a time. Leaving music lovers well-grooved, duly enlightened and, quite possibly, inspired. The Solillaquists are a family based on likeness of mind and because of it, are in many ways, more functional than any unit based on bloodline alone.