Soiled Doves

Seattle's Soiled Doves are history, although the group's brief existence in no way reflects its significance in the scheme of things. The band emerged in the late 1990's as new-wave upstarts The Vogue, and by 2001 had mutated into the 4-piece Soiled Doves.

Soiled Doves was an American post-hardcore band that evolved out of The Vogue. They disbanded before they released their only album, which came out two years later.

Three of the four members went on to form the critically acclaimed Chromatics, while vocalist Johnny was on loan from local heroes The Blood Brothers. Soiled Doves released a single on King of the Monsters label, then ventured into Paradox Studio to record a full-length. Before the album was finished, it was decided that the group would lay itself to rest. Johnny's commitment to The Blood Brothers was compromising his time, and the band were eager to get on with touring, etc. So, after a single West Coast tour in the summer of 2001, Soiled Doves disbanded.

Soiled Doves - American Post-Hardcore
Photo: Alpha Pup Records

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