Scarub was born and raised in LA. When he wasn't watching Yo MTV Raps or Pump It up, Scarub, like many other L.A. hip-hop heads, grew up listening to the all hip-hop radio station, KDAY. It was during these early years that Scarub first gave himself the name Quaz (The kid who did), and later Mudd Foot, before settling on Scarub as his mc moniker, in Jr. High. In High School, he hooked up with fellow students Eligh and Murs and the trio formed the 3 Meloncholy Gypsy's or 3MG. Scarub like the rest of 3MG eventually made the move up to the bay area where he hooked up with Mystik Journeymen and was put down with the Living Legends crew, whom with his elements are irreplacable

Scarub is authentic when broken down to the adams apple. A consummate hip hop storyteller, his offbeat style often presses the listener to question what they think and sometimes rewind to hear what Scarub thinks.

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Scarub - A consummate hip hop storyteller
Photo: Alpha Pup Records