Chris "Sandman" Sand's music is fusion in the raw: country hip hop folk rap cowboy punk. The great-grandson of pioneers in western Montana and western North Dakota, Sandman was raised on cowboy poetry and country music. When cable television and hip-hop culture hit "the rez" (the Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana, where Sandman lived most of his early years), he learned to rap and rhyme to the beats of barbed wire and combines. By his late teens, when he discovered Marley and Dylan, he had already begun to find his own prophetic voice.

A prolific writer and songwriter, Sandman has produced fifteen musical recordings, including eight CDs. He has toured the country many times, sharing bills with acts ranging from Baby Gramps to the Microphones to Michael Franti and Spearhead. His blog journal ( keeps him in touch with fans between tours.

Sandman knows that music isn't necessarily more worthwhile than a good night's sleep, a drink of clear water, or a quiet walk through tall prairie grasses. It's just another good thing in a world full of many good things. But if you are curious about what the avant garde of western Americana sounds like, give a listen to Mr. Sand.

Sandman - Rappin' cowboy
Photo: Alpha Pup Records