Ricci Rucker

Part of the next generation after The Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Ricci is making serious power moves, starting with the jawdropping 'Scetchbook' album with Mike Boo that dropped in 2002. Since then he's toured with D-Styles as Gunkhole and Ned Hoddings and recently he's also been heard backing up none other than Ghostface Killah for some proper futuristic hip hop. All this info will pass you by when 'Fuga' busts forth from your speakers. What first hits you is the feeling that this masterwork was inspired by the jazz masterpieces of the late sixties and early seventies, when the commercialism ground bop forms into dust leaving the independent spirits like Black Jazz, Starta East and artists like Max Roach and Pharoah Sanders to fuel the artform. Ricci feels strongly that this music of ours has also for too long been disrespected by the masses, time must change. Apparatently Ricci gave some idea sketches to a group of jazz/improv musicians who jammed away supplying Ricci with a wealth of material. Now this is where this project gets scary hype - Ricci then private pressed up a number of vinyl's of this music and composed 'Fuga' from these tools. This album is insanely heavy one moment and spiritually uplifting the next - just like the finest forward thinking jazz. The lines between sampled music and live playing are blurring beyond recognition here. "The process I decided to use was a combination of live playing, programming, and scratching. The way I originally composed the music was from sampling bits and pieces from random records and making the skeleton to the whole album. I then took my compositions to the live musicians to play the main chords and melodies of my pre-recorded songs, and had them improvise even more. Percussion and drums were added live, then arranged. This left me with an interpretation of my original song, and a lot more material to play with. After I had all of the sounds recorded (using vintage recording equipment, thanks Jim), I pressed all of the sounds back to vinyl so they could be scratched, programmed, and arranged from the vinyl, hence the vinyl sound throughout the album. Fuga was the result. A hybrid jazz composition where I blur the lines between live, programmed, and scratch music. All playing styles coming together as one."

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Ricci Rucker - Producer, DJ, and composer, Ricci Rucker designed the first turntable to be controlled with musical notes.
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