Phantom Limbs

The Phantom Limbs formed in Oakland, California in 1999. They combined no wave, horror rock, gothic, and punk to create a unique synthpunk sound. Initially catching the attention of Sam Atakra from the underground punk label Atakra Productions in 1999, their first performance led to a promise from the label owner of relatively free rein in producing a 7" EP that eventually was released as the first on the Atakra indie label.

Six months later, with a regional and locally well-known live act, they were picked up by Jello Biafra of Alternative Tentacles, who caught them at 924 Gilman Street and a notable show at San Francisco's now defunct "Covered Wagon," wherein he declared them to be the strangest band he had ever witnessed at Gilman. Three U.S. tours and two European tours later, the Phantom Limbs played their final show with Vanishing in Berlin on 23 October 2004. The following year on Halloween they made the official announcement that The Phantom Limbs had disbanded. The members have lent their talent to the following Los Angeles bands: Circus Redickuless's Organ Grinders from Hell, The Boyscouts of Annihilation, Anal Kitties (band), Scurvy Dogs and Black Ice. Loto Ball moved to Chicago, where he regularly performs some form of artistic and musical show with various theater and puppetry ensembles.

Phantom Limbs - The Phantom LImbs are what punk and the New Wave were supposed to be about in the first place-something new.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records