Paris Zax

For the discerning listener, Paris Zax is a breath of fresh air whose musical range encompasses a virtual jukebox of instrumental might. Exposed to heavy duty thinking cap material while young, Paris had everyone from Mozart to Lou Reed to Bowie, Miles Davis, Lighting Hopkins, Led Zeppelin, and of course Hendrix, laying the law down for any futurist soundscaping, courtesy of his father and older brothers. Armed with drum kit skills since 12-years-old, this college dropout has provided the backbeat backgrounds for Los Angeles luminaries such as Busdriver (Temporary Forever and Fear Of A Black Tangent), Existereo (Dirty Deeds & Dead Flowers), Awol One, The Shape Shifters, Ellay Khule, Blackbird, Neila, and Metfly.

After cutting his teeth on those plus a slew of other beats, Paris was then ready to begin work on his solo opus. "It took me my whole life to make," he says when asked about the origin and evolution of his debut album Unpath'd Waters. He cites legendary jazz producer and close friend Jack Lewis, and his immense musical knowledge, as the catalyst that pushed the album in the direction under which it was incubated. Recording the majority of the album in a studio apartment in the Miracle Mile section of Los Angeles, his primary goal was to produce "an album that people could press play and not have to skip a track.

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Paris Zax - A far-cry from trend-sensitive beat smiths, he resides on a neighboring moon frequenting our world only to dine and approve mix-downs.
Photo: courtesy Alpha Pup Records