Out Hud

When Phyllis Forbes and Molly Schnick are 14 they form a band in Berkeley, CA.

Eventually they play together in a punk rock band called Tourettes. Nic Offer and Tyler Pope were in a punk rock band called Yah-Mos. Phyllis Forbes and Justin Vandervolgen are making four track recordings together. Oh yeah, everybody is living in Sacramento, CA at this point. Eventually, around 1996, a band called Out Hud (don't ask us, we don't really know) coalesces. At the same time Justin, Nic and Tyler are playing in a larger, funk combo called !!!.

The first Out Hud single was released in an edition of 500 on a label called Red Alert Works. The music is indebted to Public Image Ltd., but there is a serrated edge and energy that is in its own way, American. Out Hud proceed to cross America in a van playing all-ages shows. Another seven inch on GSL arrives, and a split 12 inch with !!!, too. Every step of the way, the band's mixture of cello, bass, guitar and drums with one member at the mixing desk gets more distinct and their grip on rhythm tighter. The Out Hud tracks on the split 12" carry a heavy weight of dub technique and metallic, gated drum beats that indicate that mixer Justin Vandervolgen knows his way around the On-U Sound catalog. kranky first discovers Out Hud driving down Western Ave. listening to the mighty WNUR. You gotta pullover when you hear it. We go see the band play at the Fireside Bowl, warming up for Locust and making the thrift store pants shake it. Talks were had, deals were made. In the meantime, Out Hud up and move to New York to join Molly Schick, who has been studying at NYU. Having recorded half an album in Sacramento, the band begins to finish it up in New York.

Then Justin begins the mix.

Okay, so now it's two years since pen was put to paper. Street Dad is released in November 2003. Since Out Hud started the City That Celebrates Itself has discovered rock music again. Surprisingly enough, kids don't want to hear lukewarm Brian Wilson and endless noodle fests. The years of sweat in basements and VFW Halls have paid off for Out Hud. The time taken in crafting the album has paid off. More touring starts, North America and Europe. Out Hud came before it and demonstrate why, beyond doubt, they will outlast it. All of it.

Now there is new music for Justin to mix. No more live drumkit, lots of machines. The girls sing. There is a taste of house, maybe even of Moroder. Basic tracks were recorded in spring 2003. Now all we have to do is wait while the magic does its work.

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Out Hud - Out Hud was an electronic band formed in 1996 in the Bay Area of California and later based in New York City.
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