Ooah is a master at the art of turntablism and a wizard on the wheels of steel. He's a southern fried kid from New Orleans bombing the west coast underground with style and grace. Residing in Los Angeles, he rocks the dance floor hard with a mix of original tracks along with the hottest cuts out on wax. Dropping a variety of flavors from bass grinding mid-tempo tech-hop to electronic mindbending breakbeats to feet-stomping drum & bass and jungle to psychedelic dream-rhythms and intellectual glitch frequencies.

Don't miss out on this highly energetic performance as he tears it up on three turntables, killing it with his out-of-control mixing abilities and unstoppable scratch rhythms. Ooah has been blowing up sound systems up and down the west coast and across seas to the Hawaiian Islands keepin' the crowds hyped and the subs bumpin'!

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Ooah - 1/3 of the infamous Glitch Mob, 1/2 of the elusive PANTyRAiD and 100% of the alias
Photo: Alpha Pup Records