Nicky Click

Nicky Click is a producer, beat maker, video artist, songwriter and performance artist. "I'm On My Cell Phone" is her sophomore album out on Olympia, WA label Crunks Not Dead Records.The album is a mix of original catchy electro-pop dance music that you can truly move your body too.The songs not only have memorable hooks,buttell a diary like story of her life and experience as aqueer femme and feminist. Havingstarted out in the Olympia, waqueercore scene four years ago, NickyClick now resides in New Hampshire where she grew up.

Nicky Click has been compared to Peaches, Miranda July, Le Tigre, and Sadie Benning. She has shared stages with Lady Soverign, ScreamClub, ESG, Tender Forever, Yo Majesty, Deadlee, Team Dresch, Michelle Tea, The Blow, The Gossip, Anna Oxygen and many more. Shewas named 2006 emerging artist of the year for her films and music by The Flaming film Festival. She helps run The collective independent label Crunks Not Dead.She has played prestigious festivals such as Homo a go go , Ladyfests nation wide, pride festivals nationwide, Estrojam, Mondo Homo in the Dirty south, andPeace Out East. Her Videos have played in theatres and festivals nationwide, such as The Berlin Queer Festival, Mania TV, and the GLBT Milan Film Festival.

Nicky Click - She has been described as a sexy, fun, dreamy, mysterious queer based out of Olympia, Washington
Photo: Cris Dow