1993. Cupertino, CA. Right in the heart of what was soon to become (for a time) the new economic heart of America, Silicon Valley, came a hair-raising, filling-rattling scream of rage. Hidden behind the pristine office parks and suburban strip malls, a seething force of paranoid aggression was brooding, and its name was Mohinder. For a little over a year, Mohinder captured the attention of the Bay Areas alienated hardcore underground, providing a Northern California counterpart to the burgeoning San Diego art-punk scene (Mohinder, like Heroin, Antioch Arrow, et al, was associated with the notorious Gravity Records) with their brief but absurdly powerful bursts of shambolic noise and instantly legendary live performances. By the end of 1994 Mohinder was only a memory, the brevity of the bands existence a testament to its unsustainably fierce, almost superhuman energy.

Mohinder - Mohinder was a four-piece rock band from Cupertino, California. Despite their brief existence, they were considered an important feature of the California hardcore scene, and helped to define the musical genre now known as screamo.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records

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