Microscope Dragons

Microscope Dragons is the story of the unlikely pairing of an evil prescription drug dealer (Prescription Ill) and his evil guinea pig client (The Experimental Bunny aka General Feelgood). They form a strange bond, and come to believe they are physically Dragons. These two uncover a world wide organization of evil-doers known as "Men in Grey Suits". With the help of a computerized brain suspended in a cylinder of oxygenated saline solution (ECB aka Electronic Computer Brain), a janitor (The Head Janitor), and a security officer named after french fries (Lamberfast Weston), they search for new allies to battle the exponentially expanding corporate sprawl. They soon enlist the help of Scream Club. Mayhem, madness, epic battles, plot twists, fantasy and folly follow, and a unique "high concept" album unfolds beautifully before the listeners ears. Here we present a four song preview of the forthcoming Crunks Not Dead album "MICROSCOPE DRAGONS".

Microscope Dragons - Science Fiction concept rap album. Good vs. Evil. Dragons vs. Corporations.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records