Since his first appearance on Sub-track-shun (Hall of Mirrors) Mercury has established himself as the conscious voice of Sunset League's lyric oriented childhood. Beginning his career working with IDizzle, Strategy and Halekost of Executive Lounge credentials, he completed his first album Infested in 1998, which was recorded at the Polar Cap Studios, where disflex6 would later record Roadside Attractions. Dropped in the d6 era of _ hour tapes following Sub-trak-shun, Merc's first release set the foundation for his drum-bump basement production style and lofty lyrics. Mapping out albums like a thesis, the logician followed Infested with HG and later PBS' Upside Down; a politically charged project aided by Lazerus Jackson. Largely constructing his beats on an EPS and more recently on the MPC with the veteran help of, Mercury has long been a featured producer of the crew, who has defined the SL sound. With production credits on Sidewalk Ends (Perspectives), Crime (Gentleman's Agreement) and most of PBS Mercury's newest album Quixilver is a culmination of both his rhyme document talents and production understanding.

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Mercury - Merc murder verse, the political wing of the Sunset Leagues movement has been at the workbench crafting philosophical axioms and heart-string instrumentals without a pause.
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