Known as PSC, Luckyiam, Lucky, LuckyOne or Cool Man number 1!!! In the early 90s, Lucky studied the art of dope Left Coast hip hop at the Goodlife Cafe among heavyweights Freestyle Fellowship and countless others. Wanting to create his own style and identity in hip hop, he headed north to the Bay Area shortly after the infamous L.A. Riots and joined The Mystik Journeymen with Sunspot Jonz. The Journeymen took the the bay area underground scene by storm and continued to take the underground street tape hustle they invented worldwide. Luckyiam.psc is the co-founder of The Living Legends crew and he is a consistent solo artist as well Extra Credit series 1&2, Justify The Mean$ and The Collectors Item are all critically acclaimed works.

He is a member of 3 inner crew groups as well (Mystik Journeymen feat. Sunspot Jonz, The CMA with The Grouch and The Underbosses with his little brother MURS). Always on the road touring & promoting projects, 2003 saw Lucky do three USA tours (Creative Differences, My Way & The Highway and Cali Comm) plus a Japan tour with Eligh. In 2004, he toured the Northwest with Living Legends in January, next recorded with the Legends in Maui for the new LL-crew album in February. Then he toured Europe for more than a month with Atmosphere, came back home and then performed @ both days of the Coachella Festival (day one with Living Legends, day 2 with Atmosphere).

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Luckyiam.PSC - Unique freeflow rapping member groups The Mystik Journeymen and The Living Lengends crew.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records