Le Shok

Formed in 1997, the band began as The Shock and originally consisted of Treadwell bassist Asshole Andrew, The Locust keyboardist Joey Juvenile, and singer Hot Rod Todd.

The three members eventually attempted to convince Crimson Curse vocalist/The Locust bassist Justin Pearson to join the band. Pearson ultimately did not join Le Shok. After hearing a crude demo tape, Action League bassist Darryl Licht joined the band as the keyboardist. Hot Rod Todd was then able to convince Over the Counter Rusty (Treadwell) to join the band to play bass.

After the first U.S. tour, Darryl Licht left the band to be replaced by Shitty Shaan (Shaan Obney). When Darryl came back into the band, Shitty Shaan made room for Darryl by picking up second guitar. As a 6-piece band, Le Shok released the Le Shok/Stitches Split 7, the Le Shok S&M 7 and part of the LA to NY 6. After recording the S&M 7+flexi disc, Asshole Andrew left the band. Shitty Shaan took over Asshole Andrews guitar duties while the band scrambled to locate a keyboardist for their second US tour.

The band originally enlisted Im Gonna Stab You guitarist Orlando Sanchez, Strictly Ballrooms Jimi Hey, and then settled on Fred Flintstones John Fones. Fones left Le Shok after completing the tour. Learning that Fones had quit, Shaan also left, ultimately signaling the demise of the band.

After breaking up, members of Le Shok went on to play with The Distraction, Neon King Kong, FM Bats, Gods Iron Tooth, and Natzi Skinz.

Le Shok - Le Shok was a synthpunk band from Long Beach, California.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records