Jneiro Jarel

For over a decade, Jneiro Jarel (aka Dr. Who Dat?) has provided listeners with an unbelievably eclectic mix of sounds ranging from hip hop, to electronica, to Brazilian funk, to bass music. With more monikers than Kool Keith, his collaborations and producer credits are almost too many to mention. Highlights include works with Khujo Goodie (as Willie Isz), DOOM, TV on the Radio, and many more.

JJ's music has been cited as having been a major influence on a relatively new genre that has so many complexities it's difficult to define; a progressive, futuristic sound that fuses hip hop with electronica, and has gained traction and popularity in recent years on the Warp/Brainfeeder scene. Often being described as experimental and psychedelic, Jarel simply calls it "The Viberian Experience", where various musical styles and influences have beautifully coalesced to become something all it's own. The sound is ever changing because Jarel himself is constantly evolving. Add the extra element of a deliberate attempt to weave visual art into his work and one could easily call this conceptual music. This artistic approach has garnered him respect and adoration among fans and peers alike, and has served as a conduit for notable creative ventures with labels such as Lex Records and Kindred Spirits.

In 2000 Jarel started his own label Orienj Recordings (now Label Who), releasing his first album as a solo artist, Section A. In 2004 he moved to Philadelphia, where he worked with some of the city's most influential hip-hop artists (Rich Medina and King Britt) and began to develop himself more as a producer, collaborating with Jazzanova and Count Bass D, among others. Since 2004 he has released seven albums through Label Who, Lex Records and Kindred Spirits.

These days when he's not in "Viberia", working with his multimedia enterprise Label Who, he can be seen smashing parties such as, Stones Throw's The Do Over and Low End Theory, where he has received rave reviews. A prolific talent, or as the Dr. himself puts it, "Your favorite producer's favorite producer's favorite artist and producer!"

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