Raised in North Pole, Alaska, Lee Shaner a.k.a. Intuition, moved to Southern California during his college years to pursue his passion for emceeing. A true 80s baby, Intuition was raised on rap music during it's golden era and has a style that, while firmly rooted in tradition, still manages to be forward thinking and modern. With early influences ranging from bugged out hippy rap like 3 Feet High and Rising to G-funk classics like Doggystyle, to the gritty lo-fi hardcore ramblings of Enter the 36 Chambers, it's safe to say the kid has a solid foundation.

Intuition's debut solo album Stories About Nothing, produced entirely by his "musical soul brother" Equalibrum, was a critically acclaimed, yet scarcely heard, record filled with heartfelt yarns woven by a deft narrator of human nature. The writers at heard the record and knew they were "looking at the start of something good." Almost three years later, after a drastic voice change, and an acquired cult following due to the release of 2009's BUZZ EP with fellow emcee VerBS, Intuition has released his sophomore follow-up Girls Like Me to the delight of fans and critics alike.

The release of Girls Like Me has brought Intuition to the forefront of the blogosphere, with coverage from nearly every major hip hop blog ranging from 2dopeboyz to KevinNottingham and back. Impose Magazine has said the record "will make him the next ugly-ass rapper to be adored by teenage women...[and] single-handedly keep LA hip hop in our thoughts and ears..." With production handled once again by the phenomenal Equalibrum (other than two bangers donated by Dibia$e and Mike Gao) the record has a sense of continuity and flow that is rarely found in modern rap music. Intuition treats song sequencing like the lost art that it is, and it pays off. With a supporting cast consisting of indie rap legend Slug, underground rap journeymen Nocando (whose new record label Hellfyre Club made Intuition its first signee) & Ex-I, and soulful crooning from Raquel Rodriguez and Travis Brown, there are surprises left and right for long time fans of Intuition or first time listeners.

Intuition concedes "people that listen to my music will know more about me than they would ever know about me by my talking to them. There's not a single lie on this album, and if someone doesn't like this record, they would probably hate me as a person." This sort of brazen honesty is something of a rarity these days in any musical genre, let alone hip-hop, and that honesty alone makes him a musician worth perking your ears for.

Intuition is many things: a lover, a hater, a friend, an asshole, a flirt, a loner, a sibling, a son. But most of all Intuition is a rapper. You should be his listener.

Intuition - A staple of the L.A. underground rap scene, Intuition comfortably inhabits multiple styles, extolling praise from elitist hip-hop purists, modern beat heads, and hardcore backpackers alike.
Photo: courtesy Hellfyre Club