Hello Morning

Now, these individual creative forces have come together as one to form Hello Morning, a monstrous super bad robot band united by a common passion for creating big, epic rock songs, igniting a laser blaze of camaraderie among them. Born amidst Portland, Oregons famously bourgeoning indie music culture, Hello Morning isnt hoping to mesh perfectly into the scene. While the Northwest is overflowing with plenty of folk, experimental, electro-pop, and other brilliant (and sometimes accidental) oddities, Hello Morning has developed a big, fresh sound, complete with big drums, cascading guitars and anthemic choruses. Their debut EP is something more akin to stadium rockers Muse, Starsailor, and Longwave and at times, maybe a little closer to the aesthetics of Phoenix, Interpol, and even Keane on steroids. Recorded at Secret Society and mixed by Jeff Stuart Saltzman (Death Cab For Cutie, Menomena, Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney, Dolorean), Hello Mornings self-titled EP is being released on Timber Carnival Records and looks to be the first of several releases the band has planned for 2010.

Hello Morning - Like a musical Voltron, the members of Hello Morning established their musical identities early on in groups such as Jonah, Boy Eats Drum Machine, Smalltown Poets, Sappo, and Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records