Heart pf Snow

Heart of Snow seemingly appeared out of nowhere in early 2000. Though the members were certainly familiar faces in the East Bay, it seems as though no one was quite expecting the riveting dynamics and layered wall of sound they soon began conjuring from themselves at shows around the San Francisco area. Indeed the Siouxsie and The Banshees, Cure and Xmal Deutschland influences seem obvious yet this is clearly a case of beginning with another's to end with ones own. Heart of Snow emanated a rich, textural dose of post-punk grit, over which draped the hypnotic voice of singer Cynthia Mansourian. Bassist Andy Zevallos and drummer Scott Batiste (also a member of Ebullition's Yaphet Kotto) hammer out a solid rhythmic foundation whilst guitarist Aaron Coyes fashions all manner of feedback and metallic sheen. The four members functioned effortlessly, seamlessly; their wall-of-sound live intensity matched only by the density of their recorded work. Heart of Snow disbanded in 2001. Drummer Scott Batiste joined The Pattern while Cynthia and Andy started the band Swann Danger.

Heart pf Snow - Heart of Snow is a San Francisco, California based band circa 2000-2001.
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