Greater California

The summer of 1976; three months set to a sound track of AM Radio. We would sing along with the songs from the backseat and secretly hope that our moms would just keep driving and that somehow our summer would never stop. A sunset nation where each day was full of endless possibilities; we had no plans and no expectations, but every single moment was somehow magical. This was the optimism of being young, as we remember a sound inspired by the experiences of growing up in California during the 1970's.

Hailing from the burghs of Long Beach, the band Greater California bring us a whole new distinct sound on their third album All the Colors. Produced with Ikey Owens (Mars Volta, Crystal Antlers) and includes an impressive list of guest musicians (most notably percussion genius Steven Hodges of Tom Waits and golden crooner Wayne Everett of The Lassie Foundation), All the Colors is a summertime landscape likened to the works of Brian Wilson, the Zombies, Harry Nilsson, the Velvet Underground and the Byrds, full of jangly 12-string guitars, rich vocal harmonies, a big bag of percussion, vibraphones and marimbas, a stray trumpet, and the ever inviting sounds of the hammond organ and wurlitzer electric piano.

With the first two releases, Greater California established their unique blend of sunshine pop and underlying psychedelia with critical acclaim, while sharing stages with such notable acts as Calexico, Cold War Kids, Quasi, Richard Swift, American Analog Se