Giovanni Marks

Born in L.A. in 1978, Giovanni Marks was destined for an interesting future to say the least. After moving around the county (spending an excessive time in Compton, Lynwood, Camarillo and Mid-City) he settled in the boisterous metropolis region in 1997. After several years and multiple releases, he took a year hiatus while working at Arons Records.

Thru a chance meeting with the owner of GSL records, he eventually joined forces with the label. While doing it out of fan respect initially, he unknowingly carved out his own niche in both the indie rap and hardcore rock scenes. Playing every sort of venue with a eventual whos who of rock, rap and electronic music gave his own work a new sense of individuality that he felt was lacking prior to this connection.

After the release of the EP Im Always Recovering From Tomorrow, Giovannis status in the subterrain realm was sealed. Viewed as a robotic, dust-filled, smoke entity on the mic and a devolutionist with a broad sense of the greater music world, he worked for 2 years recording and re-recording his official debut while recording the suprisingly acclaimed album Zwarte Achtegrond with his part time co-conspirator Thavius Beck a.k.a. Adlib. When it was finally released in 2005, people called it everything from the missing link to the answer to modern-day boring rap which still did it no justice, we imagine.

Initially excluding himself to recording at home and releasing CD-R based recordings, Giovanni Marks has now decided to unveil his style of the world to the world. Producing music for himself, as well as other emcees in the scene, hes also programmed a few remixes for a couple of rap, rock and electronic groups such as Daedalus, 2MEX and Kill Me Tomorrow. With a new rap executive produced by rap wunderkind Daddy Kev and another Lab Waste record in the works, the road seems to run on forever in the tailormade world of Giovanni Marks/Subtitle.

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Giovanni Marks - Subtitle (aka Giovanni Marks, born 10/2/1978) is a Los Angeles based rapper/producer who is known both for his solo work and his collaborations, both with other rappers and bands such as Islands and The Mars Volta.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records