Gel Roc

Primarily known for his abrasive & witty lyrics along side his EX2 (Endangered Elements) cohorts, as a solo artist he explores the personal aspect of his life and taps into a broader array of topics that relate to his audience. Also, veteran street artist from the Whittier/L.A. based "Life Seen Differently" crue. His roots stem from the old school B-Boy, Graffiti, and Hip Hop culture of the 80's & 90's, which is still apparent in his works today. As a member of the legendary underground crew EX2 aka E Times 2, he has recorded 3 albums and solo debut "Laws and Flaws" with producer Mascaria. Besides his own group/solo works he has also appeared on countless independent releases & performed with artist such as legendary emcees KRS1, Awol One & Abstract Rude of "Mass Men", Freestyle Fellowship, 2Mex & XololanXinxo from "Of Mexican Decent", Orko Elohiem, Existereo & The Shape Shifters, Alien Nation, Massive aka MassDog, Daddy Kev, Dj Hive, Deeskee, Psycho Relm, L*Roneous, Global Phlotations, Escape Artists, Ellay Khule & Riddlore of Project Blowed, Tree Dusk Muir, RoachTheDj, JoeDub, BeatCave music and many more.

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Gel Roc - Southern California native Gel Roc (Pronounced w/a hard
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