A Los Angeles native, Existereo lived the underground lifestyle that most people in this "game" only talk about in narrative or falsehood. Veteran member of bombing crews CBS (Hollywood) and LSD (Whittier), he's been in the urban life as "a fan of hip-hop since 85-86 and rocking since 93-94."

By himself he's a formidable force on stage with witty, rapid fire cadence and tangled up subject matter dealing with his private life, his public life, rap life, a life of agony and your life in general -- over block banging beats! He's also known for his collaborative work with underground titanic alien rap outfit The Shape Shifters, drug-addled adventures with partner in crime Barfly with Candy's .22 or Metfly as the Overfiends, and his globetrotting genetic antics with his little brother Inna Space in their group WhyKnows.

He's done shows all over the U.S. and Europe with any one of the above named groups, opening for everyone from the likes of Hieroglyphics, Eminem, Jurassic 5, Madlib and The Liks, to Living Legends, Anticon, Busdriver, Brother J (X-Clan/Dark Sun Riders), Freestyle Fellowship and countless others.

Existereo appeared on all of the Shape Shifters releases as well as independently releasing his own solo projects. With such a wild background and around the clock musicianship habits, it isn't hard to imagine that his influences are as varied as the company he keeps. With musical tastes ranging across the board (his personal favorites: Hank Williams III, Black Sabbath, Saafir and Gram Parsons) the untrained listener would naturally need some sort of comparison in order to ground themselves to his music.

If you could compare his music to any thing, it would be in his words "Jon Spencer Blues Explosion on brown acid with a sad book of poems." If he had to classify it as anything, it would be "an introspection to self destruction." Clearly one of the shining stars of the Hip-Hop scene will also be one of the darkest to fall to earth in what may possibly be recorded rap history.

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