Ernest Gonzales

My name is Ernest Gonzales and I am a "Hyphenated American" aka Hispanic, Chicano, Latino, or Mexican - Whatever you want to call it. I grew up next door to the Alamo, but my Spanish is muy pequito. I am the only child of an electrician father and a Home Depot customer service rep mom. Latch-key only child = video games, drawing trees, making bow and arrows, too much MTV, and pizza pockets. Somehow in between engineering camps I decided to go to art school but I have no plans on painting the Virgen de Guadalpe. During that time I used extra scholarship money to buy my first drum machine. See does pay off to make good grades. All this leads to music production. I have no plans on making any raggaeton beats. So I leave you, Ernest Gonzales, a Hyphenated American making music. Hip Hop, Experimental, Electronic - whatever you want to call it.

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Ernest Gonzales - Hailing from Texas, artist and label owner of up & coming electronic and hip hop label Exponential Records, Ernest Gonzales has steadily seen his sound evolve from the adventurous worlds of experimental hip hop to the new plateaus of electronic lullabies.
Photo: Noom Srisunakorn