E.super is a four man musical collaboration and band with roots from Los Angeles. What initially started as a loose affiliation and improvisational band soon stuck as Kuest 1ndr, Maestroe The Mad Monk, Alpha MC and Alwayz Prolific found themselves frequently playing the same shows and and producing for the same emcees. Taking influences from hip-hop, experimental, funk and soul genres, E.super has begun to craft their own form of futuristic hip-hop with their own form of swing. The result is a sound distinctly their own, blending the deep head nod of hip-hop with serious bass music, throwing genre distinctions out the window. E.super has begun their campaign to become one of the cornerstones of this new electronic hip-hop movement that has emerged from backyards of Los Angeles. Taking a nod from the resurgence in the instrumental hip-hop "beats" movement, E.super has injected a great sense of hip-hop sensibility into the scene and crafted their own niche as new school instrumental murderers. Recently signing to Nocando's label Hellfyre Club Records (an Alpha Pup imprint), E.super is poised to make heroic moves.

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E.Super - Creating futuristic hip hop from he backyards of Los Angeles
Photo: Alpha Pup Records