Crime In Choir

San Francisco quintet Crime In Choir are an instrumental progressive rock band, comparable to Faust, Goblin, Magma, Soft Machine, etc. Founded in 2000, Crime In Choir released their previous full-length releases on Frenetic Records (2004's The Hoop) and Omnibus (2002's self-titled debut), respectively. The band's third full-length, Trumpery Metier, was recorded by Tim Green, and is their first release for Gold Standard Labs.

On September 13, 2007, Crime in Choir performed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art accompanied by light projections by visual artist, Anthony McCall.

Crime in Choir's fourth release, Gift Givers was released on the 22nd January 2009 on Kill Shaman Record

Crime In Choir - Founded in 2000, the San Francisco quintet Crime In Choir is an instrumental progressive rock band.
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