Long Beach, CA hip-hop duo Coaxial consists of Beegs Alchemy (vocals, programming) and David K (programming, scratching). Both are transplants from the Northern Virginia/D.C. area who joined forces in Long Beach in 2003-04. In the middle of 2004, Beegs Alchemy appeared on the Free Moral Agents track "Instinctively Intact", and gradually his moniker began infiltrating both hip-hop and indie-rock circles. Christening themselves Coaxial, the duo of Beegs and David K have been fine-tuning their skills at their Long Beach studio, recruiting local pals like Ikey (FMA) and his Mars Volta-bandmate, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, to contribute to their debut, a 5-track EP (The Phantom Syndrome, GSL 2005). A futuristic hybrid of new and old-school techniques and styles, one track on the EP was even inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. The band played SXSW '06, performing as a trio at the GSL/Skyscraper Magazine show. Summer 2006 sees the Coasxial self-titled debut album emerge and not one but 2 tours planned for the west and eastern U.S., respectively.

Employing live instrumentation, scratching, and the raw-yet-vulnerable spoken-word musings of Beegs Alchemy, Coaxial are certain to appeal to fans of Saul Williams, DJ Shadow, El-P, and Eminem.

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Coaxial - Long Beach duo combines indie-rock atmospherics and post-rock virtuosity with a hip-hop backbone.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records