Carlos Niño

Expect big things from Niño. Currently working on The Life Force Trio Aquarius (Plug Research) with Dexter Story, Gaby Hernandez, Andres Renteria and special Aquarian friends including producer Dntel and harpist Rebekah Raff, as well as Dilla Classics -- the full length project of beautiful orchestral arrangements by Atwood-Ferguson, of some of James "J Dilla" Yancey's most celebrated works. "Nag Champa" from this concept, was first released as part of the From L.A. With Love compilation.

As a creative offering on his 30th birthday (February 16, 2007), acclaimed producer Carlos Niño joined together with the incredibly gifted multi-instrumentalist/composer Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to make an inspired, instrumental soul record of what he calls "intimate-epic" proportions. Fill The Heart Shaped Cup is a project that came about after I finished work on Ammoncontact's With Voices (Ninja Tune) and The Life Force Trio's Living Room (Plug Research) in early 2006, Niño explains. "It's the next step in a wonderfully natural progression for me as a producer/composer. I've been working closely with Miguel and featured him on With Voices and Living Room. He's one of the most amazing musical talents that I've ever come into contact with."

Niño is largely credited for bringing one of the world's most celebrated avant-garde soul-jazz singers to prominence: Dwight Trible. A vocalist in the Pharoah Sanders Quintet and long-time choir director for Horace Tapscott's Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, Trible gave Niño his first record production job when he agreed to Niño's offer to produce what would become a jazz classic, Dwight Trible's Horace. This was not only a great learning experience for Niño, but it allowed him to work with Billy Higgins, one of the greatest and most recorded drummers of all time. Niño has continued to work with Trible to this day, having produced 2005's Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio's Love Is The Answer (Ninja Tune) and the just finished master-work Build An Ark's Dawn, the follow up to Build An Ark debut Peace With Every Step.

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