Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin consisted of guitarist Nick Forte and Brazilian keyboardist Ross Totino. Totino had played with many bands in Brazil in the 1980s, playing covers of bands like Wire and The Cure at talent shows and parties, while Forte had been a member of seminal U.S. hardcore band Rorschach. The two met while working at an electronics factory in New York; Forte was at the time playing in the band Computer Cougar, who released a single and a posthumous LP on the label Gern Blandsten.

Soon the pair were experimenting together, combining their respective influences into a sound that harked back to the post-punk of Wire and The Cure as well as the experimental electronic of Suicide and OMD and the krautrock of Can and Kraftwerk. Their debut single, "Sex is a Triangle for the Perfect Square" was followed up by the critically-acclaimed "Revolve", their debut LP released on Gold Standard Laboratories. With the addition of Mitch Rackin on bass and Charles Burst on drums, Beautiful Skin toured the west coast in the winter of 2000/2001, supporting labelmates such as The Locust, Le Shok, and DeFacto. The band split soon after.

Various unreleased recordings from the four and two person eras were issued as "Everything, All This and More" on GSL in 2005. Totino currently lives in Los Angeles, now recording under the name Fans of Collision.

Beautiful Skin - Beautiful Skin were an American post-punk band extant from 1997 until their 2001 split. Despite never achieving real mainstream or commercial success, they are regarded among the cognoscenti as a trailblazer for the post-punk revival.
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