Asura is a gorgeous new project from LA's Ryan York, set-up to explore Kenji Miyazawa's concept of the same name, exploring the dissolution of self and environment in the face of strong emotion. York works within this remit to produce thirteen tracks of detailed ambient drift and pulsing electronics reminiscent of everyone from Boards of Canada to Blue Daisy. 'Asura' is structured as a continuous blend of tracks intended for involved consumption, subliminally shifting from gravelly digital textures to sweeping post-electronic statements like 'Asura II' via mindswells of heavenly harmonics recalling classic BoC and folksy jazz fusioneering like Bibio. York craftily uses his hi-end digital manipulations and modern classical leanings to lend a rich seam of human warmth and emotion that gives the set an abstracted but tangible thread of narrative which we think will appeal to many of you. Gorgeous music.

The experience of falling in love in the backdrop of modern Los Angeles is central to his self-titled debut album (released January 19, 2010) as its simultaneously decaying and awe inspiring environments are painted in one in the same along with the beauty and struggle of a new relationship, each lending their own cracks, hisses, and echoes to the music.

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Asura - Asura himself, or Ryan York, is an unsung and very talented local with a background in classical and jazz, and mastery over cello, guitar, trumpet and -- most importantly -- bass.
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