Richmond, VA expat Leland Jackson, aka Ahnnu, is a sonic globetrotter of sorts. Now based in Los Angeles, Ahnnu feeds an insatiable appetite for exploration, drawing from sources typically foreign to the beat scene. In his tapes he reappropriates everything from Tropicalia and 70s jazz to channel-flipping and Juice ebonics, resulting in collages that are otherworldly yet laced with traces of the familiar. Ahnnu's compositions are living and breathing dream sequences - they evolve sporadically from ambient manipulations devoid of percussion to the mangled kinetics of loopy, spontaneously combusting beats that allude to the footwork of his side project alias, Cakedog. At one moment pleasantly trance-inducing and at the next, frantically jolting the listener to take a step back, Ahnnu's concoctions always come packaged in a lush sheen of lo-fi artifacts that is simply a pleasure.

Ahnnu - Sample collage espionage
Photo: Alpha Pup Records