Aesop is one of the founding members of the internationally infamous crew, The Living Legends, a loose collective of MCs and DJs from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Japan, and Europe, are unique for both their down-to-earth songs and approach to the music business.

Aesop, also known as Aesop the Black Wolf, joined the Living Legends crew in 1997. Originally a Fresno, California resident. Aesop eventually moved to the Bay Area where he met the Mystik Journeymen and soon after moved into the infamous Outhouse in Oakland in 1998. Aesop released his first album "Demonstration" before meeting the crew in 1996 and followed that up with his first project working with the rest of the Legends, "Area 51." From there Aesop released "Supa Human," "As Good As It Gets," "Glimpse of the Future," and "Black Libra" all underground classic material. Today, Aesop resides in Fresno and is working on his latest project "The Last First Time."

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Aesop - Aesop is an emcee from the Living Legends crew.
Photo: Alpha Pup Records