Tits 'N Explosions

Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: May-15-2013

No shame. Hellfyre Club founder, Nocando, gives the haters a piece of his mind on his latest release, Tits N Explosions. The LA MC lets them know that he neither claims to be above nor below their pettiness, but rightfully indifferent, while keeping his head on his shoulders about what must be done to continue making his art. The audacious mixtape speaks largely about the weight heartbreak carries and the reality that no one is immune to its power, nor the insanity it forces every lover to endure. "Everybody plays the fool, you know, but at some point it is inevitable to also end up being the one to burn someone, explains Nocando in an exclusive interview with Hiphopdx. Despite the darkness that Nocando reveals through these experience-driven raps, he gracefully skips all over various topics with his infamous witty rhymes. Like his previous releases, in Tits 'N Explosions, his overall apathy to the drama of it all is ever-present, as well as his ability at the end of the day to laugh it off. On the track All Over a Bitch, Nocando tells Hiphopdx, Im paying homage to those old Grime freestyle videos from London. Amongst these modern-day-vibe beats, this LP features many including Eyelove, DJ Nobody, Kenny Segal, Preston James, Low Limit, Thavius Beck, Steve Napela, Mike Parivicci On the Beats and Daddy Kev on the mix and master.

1. I Guess So
2. No Sweat (feat. Pigeon John & Cel)
3. Smile
4. More Credit
5. No Romance (Autotune Freestyle Skit)
6. All Over A Bitch (AOB)
7. You Know
8. Secrets
9. Last But Not Least
10. Where's the Money?
11. Tits 'N Explosions

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