Open Mike Eagle
Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes

Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: Jun-14-2011

Hellfyre Club presents Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes, a soulful and inspired hip hop album by Chicago-bred, South Los Angeles-raised MC Open Mike Eagle.

Entertaining the whole way through, Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes combines strong harmonies, smart lyrics and multi-layered beats with Open Mike Eagle's straightforward style. Lead single "Nightmares" is a butter smooth track whose doo-wap delivery and hummable hook will not fail to ensnare. "Why Pianos Break feat. P.O.S." has a more forceful, almost combative feel, and the clever rhymes of tracks like "NH2 (Grins and Lies)" may leave you crouched by the speaker laughing.

1. The Processional (The Funeral March) (prod. E. Super)
2. Nightmares (prod. Willie Green)
3. No Body Nose (prod. Loden)
4. NH2 (Grins and Lies) (feat/prod. Alpha MC)
5. Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. (prod. E.Super)
6. Why Pianos Break (feat. P.O.S. prod. Taco Neck)
7. Rent Party Revolution (prod. E. Super)
8. Kings (feat. VerBS and Real8 prod. Awkward)
9. Exiled from the Getalong Gang (feat. MC Paul Barman prod. The Kone)
10. Right Next to You (for the neighbors) (prod. E. Super)
11. Dishes (prod. Dak)
12. Bright Green Light (prod. B-Bop)
13. Natural Causes Reprise (prod. OME)
14. Old Member Reclamation (prod. E.Super/prod. Egon Brainparts)

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