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Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: Jul-06-2010

Those at the forefront of independent urban music are already familiar with the sounds of E.Super. As individuals, they've powered the sound of Los Angeles's indie-rap resurgence, producing standout tracks for Nocando, Busdriver, Casual, Oh No, Prince Po, Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle, Sahtyre and many more. Now as a unit, they stand poised to bring a much-needed thump to a beat scene that's garnering attention the world over. E.Super members Maestroe, Kuest1, Alwayz Prolific, and Alpha MC are South LA-bred, Project Blowed pedigreed instrumental wizards, composing soundscapes that push the envelope while remaining grounded in trunk-rattling funk.

1. The Super Intro
2. ElectroColors
3. Stranger Jam
4. Wavecatcher
5. Embedded In Me
6. Kosmos (Interlude)
7. Ice Cave Glide
8. ProGreshuns
9. Navigator
10. Time Capsule
11. Summa Boogie
12. Space Myself (Interlude)
13. We Super
14. Watch The Landing (Outro)

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