One For All Without Hesitation

Label: Nobody's Home Productions
Release Date: Jun-22-2010

The legendary LA-based DJ Nobody, typically known as a pioneer in instrumental hip-hop, returns with his first solo album since 2006 quickly throwing a curve ball to listeners with One For All Without Hesitation. By creating an album filled with blissed-out, futuristic effected vocals, rhythm-fueled jams like "Hey Love (On Our Own)" and "Face to the Sun" feel like a gentle lullaby, but with chilling guitars layered in the background and catchy hooks taking front and center. If you're a fan of Chromeo, Blockhead, & Toro Y Moi, you'll love One For All Without Hesitation.

1. One for All Without Hesitation
2. 90 Degrees
3. Innocent, In A Sense
4. Face To The Sun
5. Sleep For Daze
6. Psycho Alpha Theta
7. Hip$ters
8. Hey Love (On Our Own)
9. Fallen
10. Coming Down
11. She Sells
12. Harmony
13. The Kiss Off (On Time)
14. One For All Without Hesitation (Instrumental)
15. 90 Degrees (Instrumental)
16. Innocent In A Sense (Instrumental)
17. Face To The Sun (Instrumental)
18. Sleep For Daze (Instrumental)
19. Psycho Alpha Theta (Instrumental)
20. Hip$ters (Instrumental)
21. Hey Love (On Our Own) (Instrumental)
22. Fallen (Instrumental)
23. Coming Down (Instrumental)
24. She Sells (Instrumental)
25. Harmony (Instrumental)
26. The Kiss Off (On Time) (Instrumental)

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