Do While
Do While

Label: Wigflip / Alpha Pup
Release Date: May-04-2010

Do While, an experimental project from composer/sound designer John Somers, comfortably inhabits the rarefied atmosphere between popular music and experimental sound. The self-titled release is a collection of hazy ruminations and treasure chest melodies, recalling the sounds of Grouper and My Bloody Valentine. Adrift in a sea of space-dust soundscapes, the album is littered with floating vocals and softy strummed guitars, resulting in a gorgeous piece of ambient music.

Do While is the first official release from the DIY collective, Wigflip Records. Headquartered in Baltimore, Wigflip has been blasting the blogosphere with songs defined less by genre and more by its sonic innovation and boundless creativity. The label is already busy cranking out their next batch of goods, including releases from Run DMT, Happy Family, and KingFisherg.

1. one2
2. dancing on diamond water
3. balloon clouds
4. balloons
5. a candy coated slow down
6. poppies
7. i know you said
8. at the edge of a drifting dawn

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